Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to access your wife's mobile phone without her knowing

How am I able to access my wife's mobile phone without her knowing? How am I able to read my wife's incoming and outgoing text messages? This are the common questions suspecting husband had in there mind to their wives that having an affair to some else.

This questions can be basically answered by using a primitive method to access a phone or by using modern expertise. Elderly method is dicy and it requires stealthy skills to do the job, because you require to grab the phone while your spouse was away or not looking then read the messages as speedy as you can. Keep in mind if it happens that your spouse caught you together with her phone on your hand, it will cause a giant fight.

Now it made you think how to actually know how to spy on a mobile phone without having access. Well, this time modern expertise comes in. As the technologies speedy evolving so do eaves dropping and spying, you can actually download a program that will capture text messages and other activities that your spouse had been doing on her phone.

Features such as accessing her text messages, listening live conversations, record conversations, gps tracking method, access to photographs , videos, and even call logs. This powerful program can be install in a matter of minutes, like around 2-3 minutes and the program is prepared to go. There's types of ways to access the target phone, first Is by installing it by hand to the target phone, and second is by using a blue-tooth method.

You ought to first have a blue-tooth capable tool in order to get IP of the nearest phone within Blue-tooth reach. You enter the number and procure the IP of the target phone and configure it to your tool. Ones you had it successfully link to the target phone you can start receiving knowledge remotely even when you are in other country.

You can see actual text messages incoming and outgoing, and it even alerts when there is a live conversation from the target phone. So in the event you cannot make your spouse tell the truth the ideal answer you can have is the program.


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